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AuthorTopic: sigh...stuck
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I saved my game after defeating the two caryatid defenders but before fighting two rounds of snakes and then the naga. I didn't realize after beating the defenders that I couldn't go back and get ready since the door would remain locked. If I use everything I have, I can beat the two rounds of snakes but I am not ready for this naga fight. I think I am toast, and reverting to last save is hours back. Any ideas?
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I hate to suggest it, but perhaps a visit to the character editor is in order. . .
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Take a good look at what items you have available, what kind of spells you can cast, and so on and so forth. I often found myself thinking this very thing until I actually looked at what all I tended to pack together(I'm quite the pack rat) and actually used it.

Be sure to try a few times at least. If all else fails, then yes, the character editor will probably be something you'll have to utilize.

Well that signature was out of date, since I've not been here in forever.
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Charm beast spell from a druid or using control foe scroll is usually a good way to even up the fight. Slow spell also helps.
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