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AuthorTopic: Celtic Lock pick - Spoiler Warning
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Anyone point me in a direction to Learn Lock pick, or is it called use tools ? for the Celts ?


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Dexterity helps, but mostly you'll be using the Unlock spell in the Craft Circle and hoping for the best.

—Alorael, who could point out some Tool Use in the mid to late game if you really want. It's not terribly useful, though.
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It can be nice to know some Tool Use as the Celts, even though they have easy access to the Pass Portal spell. In particular, picking locks on chests (though not on doors) gives an experience boost to the whole party.

You can buy 4 levels of Tool Use from the trainer just east of the Faerie Bazaar. After that, a librarian under the Celtic Shrine will teach everyone two ranks for a small fee...and as a quest reward, a woman near the west edge of the valley will teach two more ranks. As always, pay the trainer first before learning from other sources.

There are also at least two pieces of equipment that give tool use bonuses (Rogue's Leathers and Nimble Gloves give +1 each.) Between all these sources, one of my Celtic druids is running around with 10 Tool Use, and hasn't botched a trapped chest yet. I suppose old-school druids must snub her for embracing evil Roman technology, but she's having fun with it...
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You really don't need to bother with tool use to open doors as a Celt. You can get the Pass Portal spell fairly early in the game. And it works verrrra well! Not just for doors, but for traps put on chests and so forth.


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Tool use conserves spell energy for the long hauls and you gain experience which doesn't happen with pass portal.
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