Derek's Ring & Adam's Wolf

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AuthorTopic: Derek's Ring & Adam's Wolf
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Hey there Spiderweb groupies!

Am playing Ressurection. Can't find Derek's ring. It's listed in the quests on the info screen, but I can't find a mention of it in the Book of Answers (new or old). Anybody know where it is?

Also, I played the original game years ago (several times) and always was able to find Adam's wolf by the river in the wolfy place west of Nethergate (although the Book of Answers says "east"). Same place you find the black fang (according to my shaky memory), with the big rock in the forest. I have covered every inch of territory around Nethergate, east and west.

Now, I may have slaughtered the spirits earlier in the game, in which case I'm probably outta luck--but still, I thought I'd ask.

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I don't know about the wolf, but Derek's ring is on a body somewhere a little to the southwest of the Jagged Aerie. It'll be an obvious skeleton, so it's easy to see.

Well that signature was out of date, since I've not been here in forever.
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The Shadow Wolf you must track down, a bit of Woodcraft helps here. It is in the outdoor zone immediately east of Adams, you may need to go over every square in the zone.
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Need Woodcraft of at least 5 to track. Head east from Adam's place and explore southwest of the hill with the talking skull. You'll get a message when you hit the right spot.
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Found 'em both!

Thank you Spiderweb groupies (of which I am one)!

I simply hadn't stumbled on Derek. He's not that near the Jagged Aerie, but he's pretty close on the green patch, so it was a good place to start.

The Book of Answers has the wrong answer--says to "go to the wastes east of Nethergate." Actually, it indeed is east of Adam's hut.

Don't know if I'd have found either of them without your expert guidance and assistance.

:D :D :D
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