Reward for stealing at Bazaar (Spoiler)

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AuthorTopic: Reward for stealing at Bazaar (Spoiler)
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Not sure if this was mentioned before... if you try opening the Bazaars Master chest when you have 0 gold, you get rewarded 258 gold for your ingenuity and effort. :cool:
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While I don't remember for certain, I have a strong suspicion that the reward is the same regardless of how much gold you have on hand when opening said chest.

What's more interesting is that 1) you managed to get down to exactly 0 gold prior to opening the box, and 2) you paid attention to how much gold you got when opening it.

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Ok, what happens is that you're supposed to get fined a certain amount if you open the boxes so I tried to see what happens if you have no gold on hand.

I did some maths and sold enough to buy training till I have 0 gold. And after I triggered the prison event I noticed I had 258 gold.
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Which Nether spell is under the Bazaar?

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Call Hunt. Or Wind Warriors. Or, in the case of me being completely and utterly wrong, and having no saved game to check for sure, something completely different. 'though I know for a fact it is not Glorious Revival.
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It is most definitely Wind Warriors, and you need Sever Seal to get it.

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