Should I buy Nethergate

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AuthorTopic: Should I buy Nethergate
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Finshed all the Avernums, Geneforges and look for the next game to buy. Any advice
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Nethergate is great so unless you want to play Blades of Exile and Avernum scenarios until Avernum 5's release this is a good way to go.
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You could always try the demo and decide for yourself. Everyone here will tell you to buy it, though. Nethergate certainly has the strongest plot of any Spiderweb game, and there's just something appealing about playing naked guys with blue spiked hair and pointy weapons.

—Alorael, who thinks playing armored, disciplined, unnecessarily violent guys with pointy weapons is pretty good too.
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Don't let Salmon, Andraste, Zewiz, Riibu, or any number of others here suck you into the very silly online game, Kingdom of Loathing. Of course, if you like very silly...



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Ha! That reminds of a silly non-online game called Yipe. There are three of them now. They can be quite amusing: you can download them here

Oh, and yes, Nethergate is an excellent game well worth your money.

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Buy Nethergate and click on the link posted in Synergy's post. Do it now.

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Originally written by 0,1,1,3:

...naked blue guys with bleached spiked hair and pointy weapons.
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That's blue. Bleached, too, but his hair is blue.

—Alorael, who is willing to concede naked blue guys. And also blue shields, apparently. And pants, but that doesn't go so well with naked.
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There's a Red vs. Blue joke in there, but I'm not making it.

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*consults magic 8-ball*

All signs point to yes.

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Originally written by Yours truly comma:


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And yeah..N:E is good..very good..

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