arianas (spoilers)

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AuthorTopic: arianas (spoilers)
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so, I'm wandering around in the thorny maze thinking that I might be able to find the old spider widow to help the spiders back east... killing arianas right and left. then I find the runes with the story of the arianas and the spell and now feel like my characters are committing genocide. I just thought they were mindless beasts before. blah. I'm not even sure this is the place where the spider widow lives. (haven't finished it yet) but if it isn't I'd be happier taking my party out of there to let the creatures live in peace.
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I'm afraid that is the place. When thinking about the moral implications of Spiderweb games, it can become difficult to play. If you want to help the GIFTS, then you must continue.

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Besides the aranea are already hostile to you. It's when you go after friendly creatures that you really have consequences.
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Sure, they're already hostile. After learning that they are sentient I just wish I had a way to sneak around them all to reach the queen. (I've finished the area now, talked to the queen, and gave her what she wanted. Now I can help the happy spiders)
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