Endurance -vs- Hardiness -- the great debate

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AuthorTopic: Endurance -vs- Hardiness -- the great debate
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Well, not so much debate as conflicting advice.

I've got some level 7-8 Romans that get killed quite a bit. They were all the "stock" Roman's at the start, and I've left their Endurance and Hardiness unchanged, instead opting to pump up Roman Training for all of them. So now they all have Roman Training of 7-8 and Endurance/Hardiness in the 0-3 range.

Problem is, while they can kick some pretty good butt, they seem kinda wussy in the 40-42 HP range. A few good whacks from somebody big and they die. In particular, Spurius is in constant need of healing help from Aulus and (the recently joined) Rhiad. He rushes into battle first so often gets multiple foes trying to get him. Everybody does better once I cast Shielding, but eventually that starts to feel old.

The Nethergate Guide says to favor Hardiness over Endurance, yet the game's own help text suggests that Romans should beef up Endurance. Seems like ultimately not losing HP is better than having lots to lose (less reliance on healing that way), but how far will Hardiness take me? The documented "chance" at avoiding 1% of the damage seems paltry, while I can understand a tangible increase in HP through Endurance.
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Endurance gives you health and it becomes noticeable after 8 levels. It also increases resistance to poison and magic every other level.

Hardiness increases resistance to poison and elements every other level as well as a slight chance of armor to reduce overall damage.

You are better off buying hardiness and putting skill points to endurance. The main thing is to increase armor overall since that makes the biggest difference in reducing damage.
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I assume you're playing Nethergate: Resurrection? That guide was for the original Nethergate, in which Endurance really was close to useless.

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