Roman beginnings (Spoilers, I guess)

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AuthorTopic: Roman beginnings (Spoilers, I guess)
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Ok, so in the mine where I have to get the satchel, there is a secret passage to an anvil which burns me if I touch it and I can't destroy. When it burns me it tells me that the power is far below. Ok

I explore the rest of the mine, get the satchel and both sylak keys (I and II, kill the dragon and the rats. Somewhere in the third floor down, there is a huge pitfall, (far below, I assume) so I throw my sorry lot down there. One adventurer survives, from luck. A few potions later, I explore the tomb. after an excessive amount of reloading, I manage to kill both barrow wights.

I look in the coffins, there's just some bones, but one has a button which reveals a chest with six wierd rocks that become a special item (the power?) so I go back to the anvil, but it keeps burning me and telling me "not yet, the power is far below", even my character that has faerie blood, if that's supposed to be of any influence.

What's the deal with the anvil?

(I remember not being able to find what it was in the old nethergate too, in fact, there I never made it past the pitfall :P )
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You found the power, but it's late in the game you can do anything with those special stones. The anvil just does what it does, whether you've been down there or not yet, evidently. I am guessing it might not keep burning you if you have gotten a quest for those stones and then go to the crypt. Or maybe it does. I'm amazed you survived the fall.


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Actually, the anvil is unrelated to those stones. There's a magical ruby on the north side of the third level of the mine. Destroy it and you free the imprisoned critter.

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Freeing the spirit doesn't have any consequence until the very end of the game. As Celts, it's mildly helpful. As Romans... well, try it and see.

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Also you need to go back to the anvil on level 1 to finish this part. The is a room on level 2 that will also burn you.

The stones are wanted by someone in the Vale of Sould. Congratulations on getting them so early in the game.

There is a third Sylak key hidden in the mines if you find the right secret passage. Get use to banging on walls until you get piercing sight spell.
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thanks all, I found the ruby and the key I was missing. It was pretty wierd, the result, but it must be something cool later on.
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More like someone ungrateful later.

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