Party creation?

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AuthorTopic: Party creation?
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Both Romans and Celts.

How do you create the perfect party for your adventures?

For those folks who play singles, how do you do it? I know there are single Romans, but what about Celts?

I'd love to see how different people do things.

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I'm going to try a Celt Singleton adventure right after I finish my current four-member Celt game. I want the full magic available, but will still build him like a tank too, if possible to get all that in.

In my standard four-member Celt party (now at Annwn, close to end-game), I have:

1) Melee meat shield frontman fighter all invested in:
Strength, a few Dexterity, Melee, Berserker, 4 Slings, 4 Armor Use, 1 Luck. As Slarty pointed out, Strength is more powerful toward boosting melee damage than either Melee or Berserker. I focus mostly on Strength. I gave him Fast on Feet and Strong Back.

2) Priest Druid invested in: Intelligence, Druidism, Health CIrcle, then bring up War, Beast, Craft, and Spirit Circles as possible. Right now she's at 8,8,4,3,3 in the Circles. I gave her a mimimal amount of melee eventually (training all I could as well) and sling ability of 4 or 5 early on. Every PC gets 1 Luck as soon as possible. I throw 2-3 Faery Lore in for each of my three Druid PCs fairly early on as well. I give each Druid 2 Armor Use, and the Battle Druid got 4 ultimately. I also gave this Priest 8 Herbcraft, enough to make Energy Elixirs, which are the one thing I really find useful in potionry.

3) Battle Druid invested in: Intelligence, Druidism, War Circle, then bring up Health Circle and the rest, with the same melee/sling ability as the priest. Her Circles are now at 8,8,6,7,4.

4) Craft/Spirit Circle Druid invested in: Intelligence, Druidism, and all Circles to the exclusion of nearly all else except 2 Slings, 2 Armor Use, 1 Luck, 1 Faery Lore. I have trained him later in purchaseable battle skills. He is at 12 Druidism with gear, 8 in all Circles. I rely on him to cast Mighty Beast, Ravage Life, Soul Lance, Call Spirit, Doom, Call Hunt, and Clouds of Night, as he is the only one who can. I use a lot of Doom and now Clouds of Night with him. I give him all the Intelligence, Druidism and Circle boosting gear to make him as formidable as possible. He also has the most spell energy available by a good margin.

The Healer and Battler Druid each seem wimpy compared to him, but contribute Darts of Ice, Heartshock, Serpent's Coils, Charm Beast, Disrupt Spirit, and healing mostly to good overall effect. I think I'd rather gear more towards having at least two Druids like my fourth one though. He's a mighty force. These builds aren't quite optimized, though I'd say I got the warrior and fourth Druid down quite well.

I ignore Defense and Hardiness in everyone, though I buy some for my fighter later. The Druids all got Strong Back and Druid Mastery. They all level up at the same rate and I really like the greater carrying capacity.

I will be most interested to see how well a Celt Singleton can fare.


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I did a Celt singleton (Normal difficulty). I mostly used magic, although strength and dexterity did get increased a few times too (and having three rewards of "+1 to all primary stats" was nice too).

The main strategy was one of casting damaging spells and running away to recharge energy. It was a bit tedious at first but got better as energy increased.

Later on in the game, I got Wind Warriors, which was immensely useful, and I began to feel I was relying on it too much. Then I went to Annwn, and mostly used Ravage Life and Disrupt Spirit, along with some combat.

The battle with the crone was probably the hardest - it took several reloads before I even got a turn. After that, an invulnerability potion, haste and Clouds of Night/Doom did things relatively easily.

I finished the game with Health/War/Beast/Craft/Spirit at 5/8/5/8/8. I wish Health could have been lower - if it wasn't for prerequisites, I would have happily left it at 2. (I didn't know about the All Circle scroll).

Barcoorah: I even did it to a big dorset ram.

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One thing you need is a character with over 6 dexterity for the first slot by the time you finish the demo and go on to Vanarium. This will allow you to go first usually and there are several items that can boost this including the dexterity +2 bracelet under the Ruined Hall, a quicksilver band traded for at the stone circle near the Crone Cavern, and a spidersilk cloak.

I tried a Roman party of 4 druids and found that the highest spells of hero of old, and the beast circle weren't needed. You can get by with potions to duplicate most effects. Basically use protection, blessing, and haste (boots of quicksilver) to help your characters in combat and increase strength and Roman training. I hired Rhian to do beast summoning spells and slowing (coils of the serpent), It's weird watching four druids wandering around in blessed chain armor and later plate.

For the Celts I used two fighters and two druids. One fighter with sword and the other spears. One druid started with all the spells up to spirit circle level 3 and the other was a war druid with only spirit circle 1 for dispel spirit and battle circle at 6 so I could buy darts of ice at the start. I concentrated on getting them both so they could have all 8 levels in the 5 circles.

Celtic spell casting relies on charm beast and capture mind later on to force the enemy to attack one of their own. Summoned creatures make great shields to fire over and become the primary target for the enemy before you go into melee. You can attack a charmed monster with immunity. I never tried wind warriors since I have to cast it before combat. Soul lances and doom are way over powered and make the last few areas easier.

Still working on my singleton Roman game. Protection spell in the beginning will reduce damage significantly until you hit the mighty beast class. Versus the goblins they sometimes do no damage.

Use trainers for things like tool use, woodcraft, farie lore, and herbcraft. After your starting trainer gets you to herbcraft 6 you can buy more from the dryad south of the Spire of Ages.

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Khoth metioned three rewards of "+1 to all primary stats in the game. The positive/negative reward for reputation are two. What's the third?


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1. There is a good reward in the Land of the Fae.

2. There is the evil reward near Vanarium.

3. There is commnad the Ifrit in the Hall of the Lamp.

4. Celt Only - Rose Lady quest for the stones in the Abandoned Mine.
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