Well, looks like I've discovered an exploit.

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AuthorTopic: Well, looks like I've discovered an exploit.
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Well, I finally found my Nethergate CD and began to play it again... I've beaten it as Romans, but have completely forgotten the ending (cept a certain area).

So as I'm replaying as Celts, I realized you can become... too strong... at the beginning of the game with ease.
Here is how:

1) Remove all the skill points on your characters.

2) Make your INT 4. It then gives you 2 in Druidism. Then make Druidism 5. Then make your War and Beast Circle 4. Then make your INT 1. Now your Druidism is lower than your War and Beast Circles. You can now put as many as you want in War and Beast without a cap--this also works with the other crafts. Make both War and Beast 6. Now spill the rest of your stats into INT, then with the leftovers, have one or two characters have 1 in Health Circle and 1 in Craft circle--so you'd be able to heal and have light. Then with the rest, into druidism.

3) Put as many Traits to your character as you want, because you're going to be leveling like crazy. I recommend having at least 2 characters having Nature Lore so you don't have to worry too much about food. Go ahead and have everyone with the Faerie Blood and Beastmaster, too.

4) As soon as you beat the villiage of goblins on your first mission (bringing back the bronze disc), put yourself in a decent sized room and close all the doors. Go into fight mode and cast "Call Aid" with each character. Then kill all the summons... exp gain. Once your party is exhausted, heal in whatever way you desire. Repeat. When you can, call for the Faeries and beasts, you can kill those, too, when you run out of mana.

5) From here on, once you get as much exp as you want, go to town and make your characters into whoever you want.

--And there you have it--

Of course, if you're willing to spend time doing this until you've become ridiculously strong, you might as well use the editor--given that you have the full version--unless you feel like you've actually earned it by killing all those creatures you've summond.
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The bug exploit involving Druidism has been discovered before.

Killing summoned monsters for experience seems a little pointless -- the game isn't really hard enough to justify wasting hours of your life doing tedious things to become more powerful. (And by the endgame, your skills will be high enough that you'll struggle to find worthwhile things to spend new skill points on anyway.)

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lol, yeah, there isn't exactly a point to it >< just that you can. Apparently I was a bit slow on the bug there. Anyhow, I started to use it then stopped shortly. It took away the fun of the game so I decided it wasn't worth the time. If I really wanted something and will get it sooner or later, I might as well use the editor -_-
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All your training is wasted anyway once you start playing with certain toys available at the very end of the game.

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I never bothered with killing summoned creatures. One thing that I always did do was kill allies in outdoor battles, like the Celtic soldiers at the battle in the stone circle near Nethergate.

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Lol glad I didnt spend much time killing summons. I've also killed the allies in battle, doesn't seem to change anything anyway.
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