Goblet and nymph

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AuthorTopic: Goblet and nymph
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This is from an email from a person named Namie I received. It's pretty amazing when people are still finding strange and new things for a 6+ year old game.

It's about the Golden Goblet and the mysterious water sprite who lets you wait and splashes with some acid if you're with Romans. At the Celtic Shrine.

Actually this part was great and I loved it, because she (or he) gives you a couple of Strength skills, besides it doesn't matter
if you're playing with either side. After you get the Golden Goblet from the altar or what-
ever at the center of the Temple, bring it straight to the dock where the water sprite is and wait. If you're with the Celts,
she will aid you giving Strength (I don't remember but probably 2 each) with warm hospitality, and if you're with the Romans,
she still aids you giving just the same amount of Strength skills without knowing you're Roman, and she regrets it afterwards, but that's all.

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The biggest injustice is that people probably know everything there is to know about Geneforge and GF2, but we're still finding things out about NG.

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its because Nethergate rocks. note how no one still knows what the hell the puzzle box does. :P

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Yep. Pearlblossom is a mystery as well, I believe. They say even Jeff has forgotten what her purpose in the game was.


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