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Dan Z, if you can handle playing as far as Vanarium with the Romans, you can get Rhian as an NPC; she starts with several levels in Craft Circle. You can also get Craft Circle spell levels from Hagfen for completing the hags' quests.

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Been playing with Rhian for a while. She helps out a lot, although her Craft Circle skills are not so good, and she can't train in them as a Roman soldier. Once I learned the required spells from quests, it got a lot better. So now all I have to do is map out all the old dungeons I already went through in order to find all the hidden rooms I missed. Not as bad as I thought. But could be better. How about an "Engineering" or "Architecture" skill for the Romans that allows them to guess what a building design looks like?
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You don't need a bunch of scrolls, just one. Save, use it, then load. If that feels like cheating to you, console yourself that you'd find them anyway by bumping against the walls, and just think of it as saving yourself time.

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