E3: Escaping out of under the Keep of Tinrya

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AuthorTopic: E3: Escaping out of under the Keep of Tinrya
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After coming out to the outside of the keep, there is a pool of lava. To my knowledge, there is no way out of this besides flying over the mountains surrounding the pool. However, the Orb of Thralni is failing to work around this area.. Is there something I missed doing?

I've looked at a walkthrough guide of this part and it seems to say nothing out of the ordinary, and they obviously just used the Orb.

Any advice as to what to do to get out?

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It's been a while, but I think it's firewalk over the lava and there should be a secret passage through the north area. You need to go north to finish the game. This is also a good time to sell off what you don't need and stock up for the final fights. After this point there isn't any real need to go back.

I think the amulet of return (special item) still works or the spell.
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I've never had the Amulet of Return work for me anywhere in Footracer Province; all I get is a message saying I'm too far from Fort Emergence. The priest spell Word of Recall should work fine, however.

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If I remember correctly, Word of Recall doesn't work behind Tinraya either.

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