where is sixus?

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AuthorTopic: where is sixus?
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where the hell is he? I did what the lady said and went north and followed the coast, but I couldn't find him. Help?
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He's at the north end of one of the swamps on the western shoreline. I can't get more specific than that, because I haven't played E2 in a few years.

However, I do remember this much: Try to go in through the back way, or he'll be gone by the time you get to him. And when you finally meet him, tell him that that lady sent you, and when he asks you if you're there to kill him, respond with, "If necessary", otherwise he'll commit suicide.

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The mayor's name is Bevan and he's not a lady. "Mayor" and "Bevan" are both acceptable responses to Sixus's question, I believe. You can successfully complete the quest even if he kills himself.

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It's a two part quest. Bevan, the mayor of Almira send you on the quest and mentions that a lady wizard knows something about where he might be hiding. The first place is going north and then a little east to land on the coast. You have to go inland and I think you need to find a secret passage to his hideout. After exploring and killing you find a golem that gives you a message about his new hiding place at the north end of the swamp on the west coast.

There is a piece of paper with the lever code to access his new place. If you use move mountains at the right spot you can find a back way into to Sixus so he doesn't kill himself. It's a better quest ending but it doesn't change the reward.
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I'm aware of the quest. But the fact remains that "Bevan" is the correct response when Sixus asks who sent you. Check the hintbook for yourself if you want.

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