Exile I, Orb of Thralni problem

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AuthorTopic: Exile I, Orb of Thralni problem
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While this isn't as technical as the other problems here, this is an in-game problem that seems not to have an in-game solution, including any uses of the Exile Editor I can see.

My party used the Orb of Thralni to fly over a river to a small ledge, just east of the Crypt of Drath. However, there's a group of monsters in the narrow tunnel back to "land," and you can't fly over monsters. There are two other ledges I can get to, one north and one south, however neither allows me any option of flying elsewhere.

Screenshot available upon request.

Is there any known solution?
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Go do a bunch of other stuff until those monsters disappear and come back later? Most monsters like this, I suspect, were randomly generated.

Also, this belongs in Exile Trilogy...

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That's the problem - There's no "other stuff" to do. I'm stuck in a dead-end, with the only way out blocked. My only options are pretty much either to rest until I starve, use the orb to dunk myself and die, or stop playing.

A game-ending situation without an in-game solution sounds like a technical issue to me.


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There's space enough to walk a bit, and that's all that's needed. When you start moving, monsters move too.

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Otherwise, I believe the character editor can help in these situations.

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I don't remember how E1 handles monster movement, but I don't think the gazer will sit there totally unmoving -- I imagine every so often it will move a square away. Moving to one of those other ledges should certainly get him to move.

Maybe it's impossible, but I bet if you fool with it you can manage to escape.

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Isn't there a little landing you can reach to the south, also?

Even if not, those gazers should walk around a little if you walk around long enough, I think.

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Can't you use the editor to return the party to the start?

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I don't think the E1 character editor has that option - there's only leave town, which is not much use in this particular case. Unfortunately there's no Word of Recall spell in E1, either.

However, having looked at that screenshot I see a not unfamiliar situation, which I've encountered myself and out of which I managed to get. I'm confident the eyebeast will move around if you wait. Try resting; you have plenty of food.

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I've been in similar situations many times before.

Either sit there and wait, or move back and forth. The monster should move; when it does, spring into action and fly out of there.

The only drawback is you'll probably have to fight the eyebeast to continue on.

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