Move mountains spell

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AuthorTopic: Move mountains spell
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Where can I get it?

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You can get it from Paulo in Pergies, which is to the west of Fort Emergence, and then he's in one of the rooms at the inn.

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Or, in case you are playing E2, in a bookshelf at the Nephilim Castle.
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I'm assuming you are talking about E3.

You get it from Paulo, in Pergies, he is an acolyte in a room in the inn, IIRC. You must break down a door in the town to the south (Debra, I think it's called), get an item and leave. The door is locked, and once you get the item, the town becomes hostile.

At least, that is what I remember. It's been a while (2+ years).

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So who was the guy that was looking for a teacher that was very wise and no one new his name.

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Can't remember. I don't think he had anything to with the story, though.

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The nameless mage is the start of an artifact quest. I believe it was the Ring of Endless Magery, although I'm not sure.

The guy who was looking for the nameless mage was a woman, actually. She wanted to become more powerful and so she was hoping the nameless mage would teach her. She's not very helpful, though; she keeps on quoting the mage as a way to avoid actually talking to you.

Anyway, that's who I think you're talking about. You're kind hard to understand, Capt. Obvious.

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Oof, you guys' memory is fading.

Doing the quest for Paulo in Delis will only get you Charm Foe and Summon Spirit. You must purchase Move Mountains from him separately.

The nameless wizard in a traveling guy who is sometimes in an inn in Delan and sometimes in a marble-floored room on the east side of Krizsan. He tells you how to get the Ring of Endless Magery (it's in the Tower of Zkal, a hostile place you'd only encounter much later in the game). The clue is 2,500 gold.

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