[E3] hostile evil acolyte in Bolton

AuthorTopic: [E3] hostile evil acolyte in Bolton
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I've noticed that an evil acolyte in Bolton always attacks me when I enter his room. However, after I cast Charm on him, he becomes a helpful NPC that identifies items.

Was he always hostile?

Also, are there any other hostile NPCs have help you after you charm them?

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too my knowledge the evil acolyte is just a blind guy that attacks everything unless he gets charmed
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I'm pretty sure that this is a bug. The default attitude of the Evil Acolyte monster type is hostile, and Jeff evidently forgot to reset it.

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This might be Avernum 3 talking, but doesn't he apologize for attacking you once you charm him?

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He doesn't thank you for charming him, because he was never meant to be hotile. I can't see why Jeff didn't change him since he was the same in E3 if I remember right. :cool:

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