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i can't get into the room of the alien slime, i destroyed a couple of pools allready, but apparently i still need one more. but i can't find it! i searched for hours but found nothing, can anyone help?
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There are five slime pools. The last one is in this long corridor full of purple slimes. the coridsor is a dead end and you come to a sign saing "HA HA" or something. Is this were you are?

if yes, walk all the way to the beginning of this cave and start searching the EAST wall. Search it and while searching go all the way to the end of the cave, until you find a secret entrance. Now here's the last pool. destroy it and then find an other corridor to get to the main "mother" slime to destroy it. After that, search the NORTH wall of were this slime sits, and you'll find a rune of some sorts. Then head back to fort Emergence.

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thanks, i succesfully completed the slime quest.
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hey, can anyone tell me where i can find a fletcher that sells normal arrows (i mean not iron or stuff like that)?
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Why would you want them? They do next to no damage... The iron ones are much better.

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sure, but i'm very low on money and got no arrows at all, so i don't have much choice
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Go kill stuff and get money. Don't tell me you've got nothing but archers…


EDIT: Iron arrows suck too, really. Archery sucks in the world of Exile. That's like the one decent feature of *cough*Avernum*cough*.

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There's a fletcher in Delan (pretty average prices).

Edit: Archery may be useless most of the time, but it still comes in handy whenever there are chasms.

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In my opinion, archery and thrown missiles for players in E3 is far underpowered. For example, the Vahnatai warriors can hit up to like 37 hits with steel razordisks. My characters, almost level 50, can hit nowhere near that, even with blessing spells.

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archery helps me alot against spell casters, and poisoned arrows are great.
what i do against mages and priests is cast fear or dumbfound on them and then poison them with an arrow, this does huge amount of damage.
and i only have one archer.
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I didnt get tricked by the "haha" corridor but i thourght that it was a really nice touch by Jeff. How many hours of people's time did he waste with that little joke...
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Just capture a Vahnatai Warrior or an Empire Archer in your soul crystal...

Thats what I did.

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