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I there any way to get into the empire lands to the north?
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As always, my information comes from Avernum, not Exile, but it should be the same.

You can get to some Empire lands via boat by going west from Fort Dranlon and then north from the next outdoor section over. Proceed west from there (with a proper pass, I believe) and you can reach Harston and some other Empire-controlled areas.

Not sure if this is what you had in mind, though.

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Yeah which north would be helpful-
If you are trying to get to the north of Erikas tower, or north into Khoths plains, or north past the Front Lines it is not possible. North of Blosk and east of Bargha is possible by boat. You don't need a pass for this one but you better have a party that can take on a full sized empire force.

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Some parts can be entered, if you got the right type of Empire Pass. Others... well, just see the second map at this site and see.
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If you played Exile 1, then the lands known as the Abyss and the caves surrounding Garzahd's Castle (including the swamp cave north of Erika's Tower) can not be entered. The two exceptions are the immediate area around Garzahd's Castle and around Ornotho Ziggurat. :cool:

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