(E2) Secret Armor?

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AuthorTopic: (E2) Secret Armor?
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I have noticed for quite some time, that at the Tower of Magi, you can't see what is behind it. But, if you go as southwest as you can outside of the tower, then go into combat mode, use a targetting spell, then when you have the oppurtinity too, scroll your screen down so you can target something further south than your screen allows. You may or may not notice armor laying on the ground behind the Tower of Magi. I'm not sure if this is because my version of Exile 2 is different or not, but it is pretty interesting anyway.
Also, on the southeast side of the tower, if you use the same technique you can find toadstools(you can pick them up) and stalagmites spelling out "HI".

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Hmmm... having searched the interior and exterior pretty thoroughly, there doesn't appear to be a way back there.

So it would look like the only way to see, would be if I was an 1337 ha0xx0r. But I'm not, 'sides, it wouldn't be board-sanctioned anyway. :rolleyes:
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I've noticed that too, but like FBM said, the only way to get back there is something we can't talk about here ;)

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Let the thread die, man. Nobody wants to see it suffer.

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