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In Erika's tower in E3 there are several locked rooms. I was able to into one of them through a secret passage but all the others I can't seem to find a way in and I can't open the doors so is there really no way to get in or I just haven't found it? If anyone has found a way into these rooms I would apprieciate them telling me how to get in them. thanks.

By the way I was able to kill Erika. Has anyone else succeded in doing this? ;)
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yeah everyones killed Erika since the dawn of time lol i think you can just use the unlock spell if u try for ages but I'm not sure, its been a long time
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Well killing Erika is know new story. Sorry to ruin your celebration squishy-person.

Acually I've gotten in her doors really easily using Unlock. If it dosen't work for you use piercing crystals from either the Anama temple (if your a member) or from South Point lighthouse in the crystal shop. There may be more places to by them but those two are the ones that come to mind.

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Meh. I always thought you needed a special key...
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For the doors along the side hallways, unlock does the trick. The central door with a special description can't be opened at all. The door sounds like it could be opened with an electrum key, but it can't.

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All praise must go to Alorael. For you know the secrets behind hidden matters. :cool:

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