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AuthorTopic: vahnatai sword
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How may I purchase a vahnatai sword?
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That depends on the game. In Exile 2, the vahnatai city of Olgai has a shop with waveblades. In Exile 3, search through Ghikra in Upper Exile for the weaponsmith.

—Alorael, who is sure that there are other vahnatai weapon shops in E2. E3 has more places to find waveblades, but not in shops.
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That is true. I think that in the "Defiled Crypt" there are a couple. You have to be regestered to get there though.

Oh yeah, that's in E3.

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Also, if you feel like it, you can go and kill a few hostile vahnatai. That's bound to get you at least one. :)
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In Exile? I don't recall vahnatai having an especially high chance of dropping vahnatai gear. That only really holds true in the Avernum games.

—Alorael, who can suggest knocking around in the various towns with hostile vahnatai. The monsters might not have swords, but there will certainly be a few lying around.
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