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Sounds like your perfect opportunity for a
scenario ;<
Also- A little post revival, eh? Some people get irate about such things.

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Not me; I just feel so compelled to post here...

My favorite monsters are: bandits, the callobration of brigands, archers, soldiers, and sometimes wolves, preferrably without magical creatures. Reason: easy experience.

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I like the giant mushrooms too. Their graphic is so cool. I also wish there were more types.

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I've discussed this with my fellow personalities. Gotta go with the Vahnatai. Reasons:
1: They make slimes
2: They made Alien Beasts
3: Theyre cool
4: They eat lots of shrooms
5: There was once an advertisment for a food seller (i think it was vahnatai) that said "Minimum bad hallucinations"
6: They're cool

However, for some reason Jeff underplayed them. I think that in Exile 3 for example, ANY group of adventurers trying to break through 3 fortifications of Vahnatai would have been slaughtered horribly.
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No other creature I have ever encountered in an RPG have made me want to punch them so badly.

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I would have to also say the GIFTS. There is something about them that I just love. I guess it could be the way that they are almost always there and greeting you with a smile and "Hi!"

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