Motrax and Naga

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AuthorTopic: Motrax and Naga
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The questions I have is: do you have to fight Motrax to get the treasure? If you do does anyone have any tips. I'm still in chapter one and killed all but one golem (without using editor). Also, has anyone else gone up against something called a naga? I found it in a secret passage next to the river below Fort Draco. What do I get if I defeat it? This is in Exile 2. It's the only one I have.

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You do have to fight Motrax for his treasure, or you can use the editor to leave his cave after taking everything you want. Nagas will be later in the game, but not that frequent, so nagas aren't that big of a deal. That particular naga has a secret treasure room to the east of the cave where you fought it.

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You don't technically have to kill any of the dragons to loot their treasure; you can just haste and run away.
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Thanks a lot. After posting last night I went out and killed the naga. I killed Motrax, but my last two guys died from poison and golems.
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Why would you want to kill Motrax anyway? Hes such a nice old dragon! :(

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Great protection Motrax received then, if a chapter 1 party could kill him....

More seriously, isn't Motrax supposed to give you some clues / info in chapter 4?
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By the way, "Anti Magic Field" works great against the Naga.
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I remember I stole Mortax's treasure. I killed him but felt so badly I forced his cats to the space where he died and killed them so they could rest in peace forever.

But then that stupid Captain Ko killed me because I was almost dead from the dumb golems.

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