Surprise surprise - need help with the Filth Factory!

AuthorTopic: Surprise surprise - need help with the Filth Factory!
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This is my first post on the board, so hi, folks.

I'm playing through the unregistered version of E3 (first one I've played; dunno why I started with this one, but there ya go), and I've gotten into the Filth Factory. I'm having trouble with those giant slugs and the acid spit, though. I know basic powder gets rid of it, but I left mine in Fort Emergence (duhhhh) and it's a fair way back there. I checked a walkthrough and it says "Go east through the fake wall, then north to 5,20 and south through the fake wall for 500 gold, some Basic Powder, and some Cleansing Powder."

Problem is, I can't *get* to 5,20, and I can't find any fake walls around the area at all (bar the one to get into the dungeon, of course).

It's not a major source of frustration - I could just go back to F.E., after all - but having checked the walkthrough, and discovering that there IS some in the dungeon, I want it... and coincidentally that 500 gold too!

So where is it? Has the walkthrough got the wrong co-ordinate in it, or am I just being stupid? Or... is it because the game is unregistered?

Oh, and another question... what are your recommended ways of making cash? Money is the biggest problem in this game IMO - there's not much of it, and everything is expensive. There's the despatch office, but all of the jobs involve loooong distances to areas I've not visited yet, so I'm not sure about that. Any tips?

Oh, and I'm thinking about registering the game - I just kinda resent having to pay full price for such an old game, however good it is. :)
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I don't remember about the fake wall but generally, fireball and shockstorm/forcefield helps in combat, as does Bless Party and Major Haste. Getting these helps a lot.

Later on, the cash won't be a problem. Especially the troglodytes and giants have a lot of it. But you have to register to get to them. And sometimes the target towns in courier jobs are closer.
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Well I can't really help you with the Filth Factory but about the money situation, raid some goblin bases and such and go to a town like Krisan and find someone that will buy any of your items such as the smithy lady there.

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Pressing Shift-W will reset all random item shops and job dispatchers, so you can get deliveries that you can do. In addition, you can't get the level 5 spells until Sharimik Milu. Let alone Shockwave (though Major Blessing/Summoning is possible if you know what to do).

It's definitely worth the cash to register. For a start you get to finish the game. :D But seriously, there are many, many games out on the market which not only cost more, but aren't as good or long or playable as one made by Spiderweb. If you don't like Exile because of the old factor, try a newer one, the Avernums or Geneforges.
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I agree; Exile is a lot more fun that a lot of games I've seen and played. But I would have thought they'd drop the price to register considering that the Avernum games are now old news... but they're still the same price.

That said, with the dollar being weak against the pound right now, it's not so bad. £15, maybe. Would have to check conversion rates.

Cheers for the tips. I found the room in the end - I had to cast Move Mountains on a wall (quite hard to tell apart from the others), fight a few spore beasts and a shambler, and then walk through a wall.

In the end I just kicked the giant slugs arses and soaked up the acid damage... painful but my guys survived.

Money is still a problem, but I've started finding more decent loot to flog off, and can actually start affording some decent spells and training... unfortunately, I'm now at the end of the shareware part... grr! ;)

I'll try the shift-W thing, that sounds dead handy!
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try casting charm foe on them. I think that fake wall you're on about i thin i know where it is but can't really explain

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i think haste will be the best for you to kill the slugs, but i could be wrong, it's been a while since i was in the filth factory. try going back to fort emergance (if you can) and then going into the caves (i forget what their called) and going to the lake where you can buy those really good potions on the island. they help alot.

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Personally I found the "kill" scroll quite effective against them
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At the time I had one very tanked-up fighter and a couple of mediocre mages and priests, so I just stood him next to the slug to make sure it targetted him and then poisoned it until it was taking ~30 damage every other turn.


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Hey hey hey hollowpoint wuts up..I am on unregistered version too and I cannot register because I havent got credit cards but Ill find a way(I hope)but about money problems ehh u can use the exile 3 editor download it and theres some free parts to it too!!like u can put $25000
on ur party and food too!!!and heal and reset ur spell points and identify stuff ..I always use it and its a good way to beat the game since I cannot use the other editors feature just because Im not registered!!and for the filth factory use the mini hint booklet or if ur getting ur ass kicked ehh train a little more and use the editor !!also I find exile better than avernum since its a classic game and u have more me if u need more help or if we can help each other since were both on unregistered version..I got some sick tricks where u can get alot of skill points with a way i email is luck and if u ever find the shareware line..JUmp it!!!u can register do so and ull enjoy the game..

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I also started on E3. That's what got me addicted in the first place. You really should register the game. There is sooooooooooooooooooooooo much more to see and the satisfaction of knowing you've finished it.
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Yeah, use your spells to haste, poison weapons and bless your fighters. They can take more damage anyway.

And I have a feeling that you'll register your copy. Spring for the CD that has all 3 on it. Definitely worth it.
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