Geneforge 5 - May Update

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AuthorTopic: Geneforge 5 - May Update
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If the other creations are nerfed, then shaping as a whole becomes too weak for a game focused on it. With nerfed Magic & Fire creations, there would be no reason to play as any character other than a Servile, or an Infiltrator/Agent.

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Originally written by *i:

I would suggest the following:

* Lower essence costs for battle creations, up HP and defense from all damage types relative to non-battle creations.
* Make intelligence actually mean something to non-battle creations higher than Fryoas. A 2 intelligence Wingbolt might only get off two shots before being exhausted. This forces players to invest more here for non-battle creations.
* Quick action and stun for battle alphas, and poison effects for clawbugs, and perhaps a paralysis like effect for war tralls.

Maybe special abilities that require certain levels of intelligence to unlock, or scale with intelligence.
Kinda like battle disciplines with melee and pole weapons skills.

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