Unlockable Drackon Story!!

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AuthorTopic: Unlockable Drackon Story!!
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A unlockable side story where you play a powerfull, arogant, Drackon that rules something. You have your own palace that provides you with labs and things so you can make your own creation army. Includes spawners, vats, suppressed Dryaks, the set. :D

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While having artistic value, I think I would prefer Jeff get the main storyline of GF 5 finished earlier.

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Oooh. The return of the nature-loving drayks, the dryaks! Too bad since they radiate heat, all of nature's boon turns to ashes. Such a sad life.

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It would make sence if you play a powerful arogant shaper that rules something :P
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Maybe after another couple decades' worth of games, when Jeff is senile, we'll have a Geneforge RTS. Not now.

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Maybe we can have some sort of Being John Malkovich sort of scenario, where you get to place yourself inside of any npc you wish? Such as Khyryk, for example? Or... who was the woman who got hooked on the canisters in G3 and ended up being kidnapped? I wouldn't mind playing her -- post kidnapping -- even if I am a guy.

Or Shaila, the one who went crazy. Yes... that's the one I'd want to play.

...Except that she's too paranoid to leave her caves. It would be kind of limiting to play her, madness or no madness.

Actually, in the Geneforge games I always end up playing a woman anyway, since the agents (and, in G4, the Infiltrators) are the most powerful.
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Ok, so I'm not big on the whole playable Drakon thing... but I am a huge fan of unlockables, which you don't really see in The Geneforge series.

I think you should earn something for beating the game that you can use in your next play-through.
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I, however, think the whole unlockable thing is nothing more than a foul plot to waste my time on a game I've already beaten. Want to make someone waste 3X the time on Diablo 2? Make three different levels which are exactly the same except "harder" (I put harder in quotes because you're using a more powerful character, so harder is just relative).

If there's one thing that consistently irritates me about video game makers is when they use silly gimmicks like that to extend the life of their product. If you have some kick ass character class available, just let me play it, don't make me waste 10 to 20 hours using a less interesting class in order to use the more fun class.

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Diablo 2 was insane like that, I actually though the final playthrough was insanely easy, I was already around Level 95 and breezed through the thing in a couple days.

But anywho, they also did this in Bladur's Gate Dark Alliance. You have to beat the game and "Guantlent Mode" on hardest difficult to unlock Drizzt Do 'Urden, or some name like that.
Then once you did unlock him, while it was fun in the first act or so to kill everything yuo meet in one hit, it got boring.

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Gimmicks suck. Just look at this place.

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