Second Poll on The Best Creation

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AuthorTopic: Second Poll on The Best Creation
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The last poll narrowed down the creations a bit. The votes were evened out and the three main creations chosen starting from those voted for most is: Wingbolt/ Unstable Wingbolt, Drakon/ Ur-Drakon, and Drayk/ Cryodrayk. Which ever of these creations gets to ten votes on this poll first wins. And that creation will be proclaimed the best.

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This poll contains 1 question(s). 8 user(s) have voted.
Voting started at March 09, 2008 09:42 AM board time.
Voting stops at December 30, 2009 12:00 AM board time.
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UR-DRAKONS RULE. Ur-Drakons are the god of geneforge 4. They cant be beat. Ur-Drakons shall rule forever. Those who disagree should be destroyed. (I am Seriously Serious about the Seriousness of me being Serious.
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Of course, this is all going to be put out of date when Jeff makes even more creations in Geneforge V. And it's already pretty invalid because the first one only had PC-Shapable creations.

Anyways, Drayks win for being the forefathers of the Drakons, the only hope for a successful Rebellion, as well as being the leaders of the Counter-Rebellion, strong enough to fight the foul Drakons back into submission.

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