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AuthorTopic: Blades of Geneforge
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Just a simple idea. Why not make a Blades of Geneforge game so poeple can make there own geneforge scenario's

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Jeff has no interest after the amount of time it took him to make Blades of Avernum and the poor sales that resulted. It almost cost him the company.

Keladon once mentioned that BoA could be modified to make a BoG type game with substituting the Geneforge graphics and creating spells to mimic the ones from Geneforge much like he did in his scenario Exodus. The hard part is scripting creations as NPC characters that could join your party. There isn't room to have 7 in the same way as Geneforge and the game has to transfer them between zones in a different way than player characters.
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Because neither the mechanics nor the setting of Geneforge lend themselves well to a scenario-based engine, and because Blades of Avernum took a huge amount of effort on Spiderweb's part without leading to a commensurate return.

More practically, Spidweb has stated very clearly that there will be no Blades of Geneforge. (And no Geneforge MMORPG either, while we're at it.)

I am increasingly tempted to put this in the forum header.

Advance warning, because threads about BoG usually go bad: please don't spam the topic with whining, complaining, and/or insults.

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We wouldn't want to BoG down the UBB with pointless posts. :P

Edit: How ironic. :rolleyes:

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If you have ideas you want implemented in Geneforge, go express them vehemently in my thread.

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I personally doubt that it would take that much effort to create Blades of Geneforge. Presumably Jeff already has the editor, I can only imagine that when he created any of the Geneforge games he used something like the Blades of Avernum Editor.

Creations would require some thought as to how they would work in a game composed of scenarios, but I don't see any great problem there. A player would take creations from one scenario to another.

After BoA I don't think Jeff would bother with Blades of Geneforge unless he was sure that the game would sell.

(Blades of Avernum could do with a few improvements, a new edition using a Geneforge interface might be a good idea.)

Edit: if you had the hypothetical Geneforge 4 editor you could make scenarios here and now.

Though from what I can see, Special Items and Quests are written into the Geneforge 4 program itself. This is of course very different to BoA. (You would have to carefully re-write the relevant parts of the program, that is not so difficult as long as you avoid altering the length of the relevant sections of the program.)

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