Hidden Shaper Camp.

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AuthorTopic: Hidden Shaper Camp.
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Everytime I enter that shaper camp. I get attacked. Is there maybe something I must do to stop bieng attacked?

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If your refering to the one below south forge in geneforge 4, then no. they always attack you. doesnt matter wether or not you are allied with the shapers or rebels you always get attacked by that camp. there are three shaper camps like that. be careful on entering them. two of them are very dangerous to beginners. i myself defeat them easily. Oh and lifecrafter is best. Get about 17 fireshaping and you can make Ur-Drakons of elite power

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You may have to be more specific; which shaper camp do you mean? (there are several in GF4).

If you meant the shapers in Poryphra Ruins, then you need to get General Crowley's (in Aziraph Camp Gamma) permission to travel north in order to make the Shapers friendly. The prerequisites are a bit complicated, but afaik you need to have done at least one of the following two quests to help the shapers:
* give the shaper notes to Miranda; and/or
* healed Moseh.

Edit: Hurrah for simultaneous posting. Interesting how Shaper Markis & myself made opposite assumptions regarding the op's relative progress in the game...

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But theres really only two, Western morress and hidden shaper camp. Theres a limited amount of enemys in Poryphra. I already wiped it out four times
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There are 4 shaper camps. The Forsaken Lands one south of Southforge Citadel always attacks and has spawners at the far end so you can never clear the zone. Shaper Camp Gamma can only be entered with the pass from General Alwan. Poryphra Ruins needs permission from General Crowley for it to be safe. Western Morass is always hostile.
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