Cant open a door in geneforge 4. Quessa Uss.

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AuthorTopic: Cant open a door in geneforge 4. Quessa Uss.
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There is a door in the room you battle salassar in in Quessa Uss. The door is to the Northeast. Normally i wouldnt pay attention except there is someone behind it. If anyone knows what i am talking about or how to open it please post back.

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There are several doors in Quessa-Uss that cannot be opened. They are there to give the impression that Quessa-Uss is a huge complex, of which you are only seeing a small portion.

Interestingly, the Quessa-Uss script mentions a captive Gazer, but there is no way to find it in the game. Perhaps it is what lurks behind that unopenable door.

From z69quessadlg.txt:

begintalknode 31; // gazer
state = -1;
nextstate = -1;
condition = char_ok(32) && get_attitude(32) < 10 && (gf(69,23) == 0 || gf(69,23) == 5);
question = "special";
text1 = "The drakons have imprisoned a gazer here. Probably a rogue or a damaged creation. When you get close to it, it struggles to escape. The magical field holding it in place wavers and fades.";
text2 = "It screeches, _We! We! We are free! The eyes will see their revenge!_";
code =

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Jeff mentioned this a long time ago. There was originally going to be access to that gazer, but he decided to wall it in when he locked the door for good.

Edit - I got bored and found the topic with Jeff's reply.

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