can i get a cd?

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AuthorTopic: can i get a cd?
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If i buy geneforge 4:rebellion can i get a cd in case my computer broke someday? :confused:
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Yes when you order your license you can select a disk for 4 bucks on the standalone games, if you get the Avernum or Geneforge bundles the disk is included. I always get the disk, its relatively little cost and if you need to reinstall the game you don't have to request a new key. The disk games are pre-registered for your gaming enjoyment.

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The CD is like four bucks and very convenient, but if your computer did brake down, and you had to buy a new one, you can still contact Jeff to get it again for free.

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The CD has both the Windows and Mac versions of the game in case your next computer isn't the same type as your current one. Also the CD has demos of the other games included.
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Can CD be send to Europe and will it cost more?

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It'll take longer to ship and the rates for postage are on the order form.
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