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The Tree! lol

Nah, the Shaper with the Artilla

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I suck at making art, but I'll try to sketch something. No promises. And I'm not saying it won't make you want to never want to close your eyes, due to the fact it would appear in the blackness that is the....INSIDE OF YOUR EYELID! (Dun dun dunnn.)
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Well Coyote, i like your art. My favorite part is the coloring you put into it, way better marker technique then most people can do.

If I may, I should say you could put a bit more work into the layout and drawing before you start with the colors. Such as, getting the correct posture and look into it.

Such as the first one you could have done more with his posture. And all of them had more of a potential to have better line drawing incorporated. Though it is hard to say, because maybe you are going for a certain sort of look. But really though the coloring makes it look as if it should be professional, but the lines and posturing say otherwise

I hope this was of use :) . I love art and drawing, and I'm not hack, if you'd like i can draw some things up, and you could critique them for me as well. -- I haven't drawn in a little over a year :(

Oh and another word other then posture would be dramatize it a bit more

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