whres all the topics at?

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AuthorTopic: whres all the topics at?
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ok in the forun list it says there are 573 topics but i only see 6 topics............
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Look in the top right cornerish area on the board page. It should be preset at last five days change it to something later. But don't add on to old topics. Important people don't like it.

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You have to set the forum view to show all topics. By default, it only shows topics that were posted in the last five days.

The option to show everything is in a pull-down menu in the top right corner, just below the button to start a new topic or poll, on the main forum page.

Also note that the topics will be displayed on several pages (the option to switch to a different page should be not too far below the menu to change your forum view).

Dikiyoba admits these are probably vague directions but hopefully they'll clear things up.

Edit: Beaten to it. Also, typos.

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If you go to "my profile", you can edit your profile and set the default view to "Show all topics".

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