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i have killed all the monesters in the shaping room (boiling cavern, the entrance wont open and the one toward the west wont open either. Now what? if quit the game, and then reopen it, wont it put me back in the same situation?

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That sounds like a bug. It should open up if you killed all the creations. Did you try clicking on the doors? They don't open by themselves, you have to open them. Also the doors are round and red and green, and kinda blend in with the wall.

Let's all just shape gazers and hope they go away.

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The west door, has a small platform next to it. I have clicked, stabbed, it and everything else, it just wont open. I even quit the game and started from a different save, rekilled all the monsters, and it open. So frustrating, i was finally getting somewhere, I have all the hard areas left to finish. I suppose the only other thing is to uninstall and reinstall. Shala wasnt even showing up the last few times i went through it.
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Shaila only shows up the first time you enter the zone from the east. With enough tool use you can open the door in the southwest that is entered from the Boiling Mudpits.

You should be able to enter the door near the shaping area after you kill the last shaped creature and move near the door. There was supposed to be a message about the magic holding the door shut fading.
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i cant get out of shaping room to use that dooor. both doors in the shaping room wont open.
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I would suggest unistalling and reinstalling while backing up your saved files in so you don't have to start over.

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This is probably going to sound like a dumb question, but have you tried just leaving combat mode and waiting 10 seconds or so? If you have a lot of creations, it's possible to kill the enemy creations faster than they reappear, meaning that you have to wait a while for each new wave of enemies to show up.

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And if Thuryl's suggestion doesn't help, will loading your autosave get you out of the situation?


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