Where do you find artifact components?

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AuthorTopic: Where do you find artifact components?
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I have a question about where to find all the artifact componets because I drove myself crazy trying to find blood poison, unmelted ice, ect. I'm sure many people know how annoying it is to have the recipe, know what you need for it...and your short ONE ingredient...To me this is the most annoying thing in the world!
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From Synergy's recipe list:


Blood Poison
— Dumping Pits-N-room south from pathway, on table
— Western Morass-NW In Transport Room In Locked Canister

Purified Essence
— Circle Of The Drayk-C
— Sealed Catacombs-E

Essence-Infused Skin
— Turabi Gate-SW
— Khima-Uss-SW

Solidified Flame
— Warded Sea Caves-NW

Deep Focus Orb
— Eliza’s Bunker-E

Essence-Infused Iron
— Golem Fen-C-Spawner

Unmelting Ice
— Wrecked Labs-SW

Crystalline Fibers
— Matala's Workshop-S

Ur-Drakon Skin
— Quessa-Uss-Salassar’s Shrine

Pure Crystal Shard
— Breeding Pits-SW

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That's a useful list, I'll need to print that.

Also, Darkling at the top of the GF4 topic lists above the border are two very useful links. One to GF4 FAQ, the other to Helpful boards and Links. They've proved themselves invaluable many times.

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Is all this already on a list somewhere else on this forum?

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Yes, the Helpful Links and Lists, just as The Ratt said.


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