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AuthorTopic: I need some help
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Hey guys I just barely got G4 but I have a problem, you see all the other Geneforge games I get get through without much difficulty (except for the places with super tough monsters)however In G4 I'm always struggling to get anywhere and I'm always this little...wimp...So for those of you that got really powerful (WITHOUT CHEATING)! Can you give me some pointers PLEASE!
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There are a couple of areas you're not really supposed to fight your way through at the time you first reach them: most notably, Turabi Gate.

Turn the difficulty down.

If you want more specific advice, it would help to know what class you're playing. In general, Lifecrafters should pump Intelligence, a little Blessing Magic, Mental Magic and Healing Craft, a couple of points of shaping skills and not much else. Serviles should pump Endurance, a little Strength and a little magic; they can neglect combat skills early on and still be effective in combat. Infiltrators should pump magic skills (focus primarily on Battle or Mental: your choice) and can put the occasional spare point into endurance, combat skills or shaping. Warriors and Shock Troopers are suboptimal (although Shock Troopers can be a lot of fun to play if you're good). Every class can benefit from a little shaping ability even if it's not their strong point.

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darklight first off all i need to know wut type u are and well for me it is the oppisite g4 was sooo easy the first time i ever played the geneforge series. but then i went back and the other 3 are too hard. well anyway just tell me ur character type

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Roivas I am currently playing as a warrior which you would think woudn't be too hard...buuuut...
and it's DarkLING not dark LIGHT...jeez...
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Warrior is considered the most suboptimal of the 5 classes. You need daze spell at the start to keep from being swarmed. Put a little towards intelligence so you have spell energy for this spell.

Concentrate on raising endurance so you don't take much damage from poison and have enough health so you don't have to heal every round. Put points into both melee and missle weapon skills so you can attack rogue creations at a distance before they close with you, then give a death blow.

It doesn't hurt to get leadership up to 5 and mechanics to 8 so you can get easy experience convincing people to help you and disarm traps.
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