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AuthorTopic: MAXIMUM max stats
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You don't have to respond if you don't want too...but I'm new to the forums, and I'm wondering...what are the MAXIMUM stats you can have before geneforge starts bugging out? I tend to cheat at games using something called tsearch, meaning I can use it to change my stats to ANY level, freeze the value of certain things (meaning I never run out) as well as change my items, be able to run even after attacking in my neverending combat turn...even set how many canisters people think I've used.

So yeah, big cheater. However, bugs include not being able to hit anything if I'm too skilled, freezing if something special like my luck is too high, and numbers turning into negatives sometime along the way.

Although the spiderweb team provides us with a formula for damage, they don't do the same with various other things.

It's strange how I'd want to max out completely, considering the fact that, with all this power, I can incenerate every person on the map in one combat turn.
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Most stats max out at 30, but you rarely need over 20. The game tends to ignore higher values, but some of the more experienced players can tell you more.
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When I said ANY value, I meant ANY value.
The current values I have for 'em right now seem to be quite enough, and without bugging as well (except for the mind spells, I cast mass madness on some rouges recently, finding all of them had resisted the attempt).

Values I can currently change and the values I usually set them to:

Temporary Skill Points-0
Permanent Skill Points-0
Melee Weapons-500
Missile Weapons-500
Quick Action-50
Battle Magic-500
Mental Magic-500
Blessing Magic-500
Fire Shaping-50
Battle Shaping-50
Magic SHaping-50
Healing Craft-50
Canisters Used-0
Action Points-8000 (each 1000 represents a single action point)
Have I Attacked?-0

And I freeze all of these stats at their current values.

I also set all the battle/mental/blessing magic skills to 5000, the curing skills to 500, and the shaping skills to 50. I leave the items alone but can change them when I wish.
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oh neato...i found out how to change my character speed (now im just getting overly excessive).

besides being a timesaver, this also means I can get past just about anything without it attacking or triggering, even without being in combat mode.

that's just neat
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You're a cansiter junkie, aren't you?

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No better than Nalyd.

Hmm, he is like ET (who's ban should have been ended by now, but I don't care). He cheats and knows no strategy. At least, that is my assumption.

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Have you ever played the game without cheating before?

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Could you please post a tutorial on how to do what you did? I wanna cheat like you.
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