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AuthorTopic: Geneforge Beta Testing
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I'm beta-testing G4 and would like to be able to chat or email with some other testers about the game, especially since I never played G1-3...though I must say, I am progressing nicely enough so far. Drop me an email at the address in my profile if you don't mind.


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I'm not going to try to speak for Jeff, but in the past he has preferred testers stay somewhat isolated so that their reactions can be unique without "corruption" of what other testers can say.

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Well, now that that's out in the open ... :rolleyes:

If you really want to talk, you know how to find me.

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I'm not looking to chit chat idly, mostly discuss a little basic strategy, like whether or not to use those skill points on creations which suck up my lead character's essence. This is all pretty new to me. I suppose I could read hints and tips from previous GF's, but I also kind of wanted the novelty of something entirely new, and also be able to provide feedback from that perspective.

All the better to chase me down on AOL or Yahoo IM (Synergy7167 on each.)


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Lucky beta testers...

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I didn't think that Jeff was far enough along for beta testing.

Welcome back Synergy.

There are a lot of discussion threads that Slarty did a few months ago that will help. If you are using creations then you want to put points into intelligence to increase essence and spell points. Also concentrate on one shaping skill instead of being a generalist at the beginning so your creations start out being more powerful.
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I call BS. There's no announcement of a beta opening on the news page.

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There may not be an opening yet. Jeff started beta-ing A4 long before he asked for beta testers for it; he just used testers who had a bunch of experience testing for him before.

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Yes, it's true, G4 is in beta testing. From Jeff's latest update thread on this board, though, it is clear that the game isn't all that close to being finished. He's testing the parts that are done. For final release his tentative target of year's end is still the best guess we have. Whether he may yet enlist more testers as the game approaches completion, I have no idea.

Jeff's rationale for keeping beta testers independent makes sense. He figures that if just one person out of a bunch thinks that monster X is too tough, or whatever, well, you can't please everyone; but if he hears the same complaint or argument from several independent people, he really has to address it. But if the testers start talking to each other, that one tester might cajole others into repeating what is really just one complaint. And then Jeff ends up with a game partly tailored to just one person, who probably doesn't represent the whole potential market for the game.

Even for discussing strategy and so on, I think it would be better for the testing process if nobody talked to each other. It'll be important for Jeff that the game is still playable, and winnable, by people who haven't been coached on tactics by veterans. And it might well be that a neophyte tries something new, something that the GF veteran testers would never try, and this reveals some important problem with the game.

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I strongly discourage testers discussing the game with each other during testing because I find the independence of their opinions to be very valuable. If several people some up witht he same view independently, I will give it a lot more weight. If every report is an echo chamber of everyone else's opinion, less useful.

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Judging by the screenshots, this game will be ENORMOUS! Wow, I personally am getting more and more thrilled by day. :-D
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EDIT: I retract the request as Jeff has made it clear he' d prefer testers not contact or discuss.


Oh hey, look, a brand new G4 group.

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