About the new creations of Geneforge 4

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AuthorTopic: About the new creations of Geneforge 4
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How good are them? I've heard that the Wingbolts are good, but how about the war thral and the one that looks like a dinosaur?

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Kyshakks (the dinosaur/rhino looking one) don't do the best damage, but they are useful meatshields. War tralls are battle creations, so there are better options out there.

There is a link in the forum header that can take you to a few good creation analysis threads, if you want more detailed information on all the creations.

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To summarize, the general consensus is that Wingbolts are very powerful, Kyshaaks are okay but there are better options, and War Tralls suck along with the rest of the Battle Creations.

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War trall= Meat shield
Kyshakk= Pretty good assault creation
Wingbolt= No contest.

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No, war tralls aren't even good as meat shields.

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Everyone disses the battle creations, but come on, your lifecrafter has got to fight something in their journey right? War tralls are fun to fight and their agonized and disgruntled "grawp!" when you cut them open is most gratifying! I'd hate to tromp all the way to Northforge fighting nothing but wingbolts. (But yes, my Lifecrafter travels with two wingbolts- i don't leave home without them)
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Kyshakks are good meatshields but their damage is not so great against the most powerful monsters, the latter tend to resist most of it. Now Wingbolts are good but they tend to rapidly run out of spell energy, and some of those running battles can be long. Generally the magic creations tend to rapidly exhaust their energy.

Drakons are tough in melee and good at ranged combat, generally the fire creations tend not to use too much energy over time.
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