I'm not exactly tops

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AuthorTopic: I'm not exactly tops
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the first game of yours that I play was ---"Exile 2 :crystal souls" and I've only played a few others of yours, so I was wondering if you could tell me quite how one gets past that young shaper that you meet when you are making your eggress from the province that youstart in :confused: . i was going for the shapers side, so I didn't have the help of Captian watsisname cos I lit the fire too early and now he can't help me through. if anyone could prehaps help me through, Iwould be most grateful. :rolleyes:
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If you have any spells or items (speed or speed spores, etc.), use them before the battle. Then hammer away at the Shaper and kill him as quickly as possible, since he can deal a lot of damage and can summon new creations. If you need to, have one of your creations distract his.

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Daze will usually deal with his creations and sometimes even the shaper.

If you betrayed the caravan to the Shapers and saw the vlish, then the shaper is supposed to let you pass. Still killing him is better for the dropped girdle of intelligence.
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TY All!
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