What do I do with the DMG file?

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AuthorTopic: What do I do with the DMG file?
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What am I supposed to do with DMG file the Gebeforge 4 demo came as? Is it supposed to be renamed? Why not realease the file as a standard Stuffit file?
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Just double-click on the .dmg and it'll come up as a disk image. It'll act like you attached another drive. You then just follow the instructions you see when you click on the disk image in the sidebar in the Finder window. Disk images are really easy to work with, and as far as I know, there's no special software needed, so you don't have to worry about people not having Stuffit.
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What sort of Mac are you using, with what version of the operating system? (When trying to get help, this is always very good information to give.)

Geneforge 4: Rebellion requires OS X. If you have OS X, it should be able to handle .dmg files no problem. Just double click on it and you'll see the installer.

I am no longer using Stuffit because it doesn't work well anymore on new machines. Apple has declared that all must use .dmg files, and fighting them is unwise. :-)

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Stuffit went and left behind a GLARING backdoor opportunity with OSX, is riddled with bugs, and all kinds of security features. (Some of which we found out about during the beta no less)

Apple went and gave them the bird by adding in built in compression utilities that offer better compression than anything stuffit offers.

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Unfortunately I have OS 9.2 on my machine, that must be why I was having problems. Thanks for the info though.
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