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AuthorTopic: Stuff that you may have not noticed
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Here is a small list of stuff that you may not have noticed

Jared changes his look in south forge the allyian camp and the north forge life crafter,channler,Shaper/lifecrafter

In g3 Litlia had dark blue robes now she has light blue

both of the other prospectives die in area 1 (50 50 chance tyrol survives)

Daron in the safe house actully got ill in G3 and his wife asked you to help him

attacking Greta in the first area of the game and Dbugkilling her will make every one at the camp go in to the citidel you wont though.

Thats all i could find
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Why does it seem strange for people to change their clothes?

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She was light blue in the beginning, she obviously has two sets of robes.

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i Played it again and she had dark blue but now she has light blue
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Jared's change was explained in the dialog; he'd been sucking down canisters like a steroidal junkie, and it was getting very conspicuous in his skin and eyes.
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Wasn't it Torsten at the Western Rise that got sick in GF3?
I can't think of where Darnor is from, but I do remember that name.

Also, when it comes to GF4 trivia, I was a big fan of the message in Aziraph Camp Gamma: "Many serviles died to bring us this information."

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Wasn't that a line from Episode VI: "Return of the Servi?"


EDIT: Made it even dopier.

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So that explains it all! The way they kind of tiptoe around, ( at least in gf1) the way they are always shadowed, serviles aren't tortured humans who were later enslaved. They are Bothan spies!! :eek:
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