Yay, the font size problem is fixed!

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AuthorTopic: Yay, the font size problem is fixed!
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In Geneforge 2 (on my Windows) the text was spilling out of windows and either overwriting other text or disappearing. Still playable, but ugly. I reported it several years ago, but to no effect.
To my dissmay Geneforge 3 had exactly the same problem.
Geneforge 4 seems to be cured! I only tried the demo for a few minutes, but I hope I am right. Congratulations! Hehe, maybe I will even buy it now.
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If you had this sort of problem, you should have either downloaded a new copy or post your problem in the tech support forum.

The problem was only either for you or you and other people (Not everyone).

Edit -I think it is your computer messing up the scripts, or it was you (or maybe a virus).

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It has nothing to do with viruses or the like - it was confirmed by Jeff (I believe it was Jeff, as I said it was several years ago) that they were simply not able to account for variable font sizes in Windows.
Btw, the newest version of G3 demo still displays the problem - you can trust me that I not only reinstalled, by even changed the version of Windows about 3 times since I first spotted the problem.
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Geneforge 4 doesn't use fonts so Windows' variable font sizes do not impact the game's layout. This game displays text with images (G250 to G254).

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