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AuthorTopic: Perfecting items
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A book I read in the Purity Vats strongly suggested that Mandrake Tincture and Demon Bile could be used to Perfect Shaped items. So I took the Shaped Breastplate I got from Alwan, some tincture and some bile to the mines. Tincture + bile + breastplate did nothing. Tincture + bile produced purifying elixir, but elixir + breastplate did nothing. What am I doing wrong here?
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There are no artifacts that start with a perfected breast plate, which may be why you can't perfect it. Try using the elixir on a belt, shoes, or a shaped fiber cloak.

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Originally written by Schrodinger:

Try using the elixir on a belt, shoes, or a shaped fiber cloak.
Don't forget gloves. The Gloves of Savagery are the first really good artifact you can make.

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I wasn't trying to make an artifact, just get some nice armor to wear (and enhance with the orb of mist).
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Sadly, perfecting gear doesn't improve their stats. They give just as much armor as their shaped counterparts.
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Graagh. I really need to keep better track of my items. Not only have I apparently disposed of every set of shaped gauntlets so far (and I can't get them in Camp Gamma), I've somehow managed to mislay my Blood Poison. I really hope I didn't mistake it for a runed ruby and sell it.

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You can't sell the Eight Artifact ingredients. You could drop it somewhere. You may have never picked up the Blood Poison. if you don't walk far enough into the room in the Dumping Pits which contains it, you might miss grabbing it entirely. You might want to go back and check whether it's still there unless you are certain you already had it.


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