Sealed Stone Gates

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AuthorTopic: Sealed Stone Gates
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Howdy, all.

I'm not finding this anywhere on the boards. Does anyone know what's up with the sealed stone gates found throughout the Fens? I'm into Chapter 5, so I presume that they're not integral to the game, at least the way I've played it.

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they serve like heavy duty spawners until Monarch is killed.

they just represent the construction Monarch is doing to make himself a fortress where his creatures go out, but no one goes in. fortunately, you get to him before the walls are finished or there would be no way in :)
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In other words, they are un-openable. And they are simply there to give you a hard time.

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Cool. Thanks for the info! Now I can stop neutralizing the fields with my body while looking around for some way to open them. :P
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