steel spine??

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AuthorTopic: steel spine??
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I have been searching like crazy to find the steel spine...but I cant find it...where is it? Or can you buy it??
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For the god's sake, check out the Helpful Board Links and Lists under this topic. I suspect you will find most of your questions answered there. There are also walkthroughs available. Find them through a google search. Stop posting questions that you can easily find the answer to. See my other post in response to your, dare I say, stupid questions.

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Originally from this list:

Steel Spine
— Moseh’s Bunker-SW
— Monarch’s Realm-SW
— Buy From Sgt. S.-Gamma Camp (1 Token each)
— Valeya Ruins-Maddened Trall-NW
— Matala's Workshop-SE
— Ssaroyen-Gesselin Freehold (Buy)
— Northforge Citadel-NE-Rogue Shock Trall (Kill)
— Windswept Farm-Thora Eye (Kill)
— Titan’s Hall-N-Northern Sentinel (Kill)
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thank you dikiyoba...I knew that I had seen that list somewhere.
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