help to get new creations (g4)

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AuthorTopic: help to get new creations (g4)
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hi i am trying to find new creations whick is good but i cant get more them 3 creations.
is there a shop i have to buy from there?
help me plz
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How far along are you? If you're in the Forsaken Lands, Master Jared is really your only choice, although Burkes has a creation type for sale as well. In Illya, there is a Shaper who will train you in Rivergate Keep. If you are playing pro-rebel, then you can also buy or find canisters that give you creations.

Dikiyoba hopes that helps.
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Everyone's favorite game: Guess what my question means.

Is it possible that you mean "more than three creations at one time"?

You're only allowed to have three different types of creation created at any one time, even if you know how to shape others. In order to create a new kind of critter once you already have three different types, you must absorb one to make room.

Edit: Thanks for the correction, Thuryl. Apparently I missed that memo!...and of course it never occurred to me to try.

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There are three creations available for training at the start: fyora, thahd, and artila. You can also click on the + to make cryoa and if you used the thahd canister the unstabe thahd.

See canisters from the useful links at the top of the forum for locations of canisters and trainers that can give you other creations.
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Originally written by wary wanderer:

You're only allowed to have three different types of creation created at any one time, even if you know how to shape others.
That used to be true, but it isn't in G4. You can now fill all 7 of your creation slots with different creations if you like.

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Until you make it onto the second section of the map,you don't get any good creations...and the rebels do not "train" you,they just f you up with canisters that give you an attitude problem...or see the world clearer,whatever,you should try the double agent idea.

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