Eliza's power supply

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AuthorTopic: Eliza's power supply
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I'm in Eliza's bunker trying to sort out her power supply problem and it's simple enough to use the control panel as she describes. The problems as soon as I do that the two pylons at the door of the power room light up and I have no way of running out without getting blasted. It doesn't work even when I enter combat mode. Any hints on how I should do it?

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This one got me for a while as well. It is actually possible to walk between them, if you time it right.

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You are supposed to wander around the room and try to avoid the power spirals that are about to discharge. After one goes off it is usally safe to stand near it.
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Yes when one crystal beggins to hiss or something you must back away from it, after some time it will stop and the job is done.
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In case you hadn't already noticed, you can tell which spirals are about to discharge by the little white "Ssss." text appearing above them.

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Yeah, I tried it again a few times and it worked the last time. I suppose it was the right timing. Thanks!

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Since we are at it already, can we please pool pylon's patterns there?

I hve found it to be left-middle-left-middle-right-middle-right-middle-random both the times I walked the game.

Any other options/observations?

P.S. SHAPERS! Leave your permanent creations behind the room before doing this quest;-) Annoying to have to walk around with'em.

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It's random. Stay in fight mode and hit the end turn key, and you will have plenty of time to run to a corner when you see a nearby pylon show "Sssss" over the top of it. I've never had a problem staying safe in there after I figured out what was going on.


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