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AuthorTopic: anti canister rebel
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please, i need help
i started playing a rebel lifecrafter..
decided not to use many canisters
trainer from southforge went away before i could get any training
so now I'm around the town dillame, a weak lifecrater, i have no spells, no creations (except for those lizards)
i'm dying all the time and won't be able to go on like this for much more

so what do i do?
is there even a rebel person that can teach me me spells and creations i need? (soon in the game)
or should i just get started on those canisters?
or get friendly with the shapers maybe?
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You can get training in shaping from Shaper Duncan in Rivergate Keep (the big fort in Dillame, where you meet Alwan). You'll need to have talked to Alwan, and to have a half-decent reputation with the Shapers.

There aren't any more rebel trainers who will teach you shaping. So if you're a no-canister lifecrafter, staying friendly enough with the Shapers to get training from them is pretty much essential, at least up to chapter 3 (which means you have to get the quest from Alwan to repair Moseh and report back to him after resolving it -- note that even if you kill Moseh, you can still report to Alwan and get passage to the next Shaper camp).

If you're just going for low canisters, you can scrape by with only one canister of each of the creation types you're definitely going to use and not have any serious ill effects as long as you don't use canisters for anything else. (As for which creations you should pick throughout the game, Vlish, Drayk, Wingbolt, Gazer and Drakon are all good choices, but you probably don't need both Wingbolt and Gazer.)

As for spells, there are a number of people who can teach you: Burkes in Chickweed Bridge, the mage in Therile Colony and the drayk in Illya Safehouse are your three main options at this point. If you're going to buy spells from the drayk, do his quest first for lower prices.

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You're playing pro rebel and no canisters? Are you a masochist? Shapers sell the right to shape. Rebels use canisters. Accepting neither is really a recepie for a puny character that does nothing but get beat up a lot.

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Burkes in Chickweed Bridge can teach you two levels of artila if your leadership is 6 or more. Otherwise you can only learn shaping without canisters from the Shapers.
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Thank you for the answers.
Guess it would be best to go back for the cannisters and use all of them
I never play games more then once so it would be best to get the most creations since i am playing a lifecrafter
Haven't realized rebels mostly advance through canisters before...
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anti-canister rebel = war for peace = sex for virginity.

You gotta make your choice conciously.

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you rape those canisters and then get back to the fight soldier!!!!!!

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and after your done with that make sure you fight those damn ur-drakons

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can anyone guess were I got the name from?

*hint* its in a book
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